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About us

Proposal is a label based in Valencia, managed by Javier Almijo, artist with great reputation and quality works  involved around the world of electronic music.

Proposal has a sound both familiar and innovative, Tech-house, Deep-House and Techno are their main credentials, based on House structures, his palette of styles is wide, from the deepest to the most elegant , but always with  quality music present, aspiring to be one of the best manufacturer of sounds for producers and djs.

The approach itself is a threat to the commercial sounds, in order to suggest new surprising ideas for a particular and unique genre, transmitting their understanding of dance music.

Proposal claims that his style and philosophy reach all parts of the world, so that once the seal comes to light in 2013, it will be established as one of the reference labels in the national and international scene, with their first two releases ,with some influential artists as Alvaro Smart and Berto Mene, and many  more, this label will be considered in the world’s electronic scene.

This is Proposal, our proposal for Tech-house, Techno and Deep-house music lovers.

 Enjoy this brand new label !