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Don’t miss any Proposal’s release

Don’t miss any Proposal’s release

Hey you!!! Have you checked our last catalog releases??  We claim to only release quality club music, and it’s reflected with the lasts works launched via Proposal!  Audiogroove’s rhythms are prepared to move the dancefloors with his 3 Tech-house kicker tracks included in the #PRO008 “Look at the stars” EP.  Then,  #Pro009 by versatile and reputed artist Novakk distiles his originality and creativity with the original work “I just wanna luv U”, a Deep-Tech house track with the collaboration of Memphis vocalist Antranita, to make a really good combination in that eclectic track full of synths and emotions. And comes packed with 3 great remixes from Alex Mas & Our, Javier Almijo & Cmoreno. 

Today is more easy than never to get the Proposal’s sound. We are always expanding to offer our music on many sites we think can fits our music,  and with the uprising demand of music via streaming and services,  every month we add new pages to give to all the world the chance to appreciate our music. Established sites as Spotify, Deezer,Google Play,Rdio, Rhpasody  and many more offers our music, so, why don’t give a listen ?

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