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#PRO007: Nacho Portichuelo – Here we go again EP

  • 18/07/2014
#PRO007: Nacho Portichuelo – Here we go again EP

#PRO007: Nacho Portichuelo – Here we go againEP

Release date : 16/07/2014

The 7th release of Proposal  opens the summer season  and comes fully charged with  colorfull & fresh music. Nacho Portichuelo is the  artist behind this  finest release  that includes three Deep-house original tracks.

#PRO007 Here we go again EP reveals the passion of Nacho for House music. This young artist, inspired by the 80’s Chicago house & Detroit scene  capture the essence of that sound and gives his personal touch. Elegant, fresh, moody, natural , deep,warmth are some words to describe the feelings who transmit  this Ep.

Always we have something to learn,  even of the most young artists, and Nacho is a reference of this ,  with  a clear idea of what  he like and what he want,  be sure he will have a big future inside of the Deep-house scene.

 SUPORTS BY  Ray okpara,Mark Antonio, Alvaro Smart, Outstrip, Berto Mene, Gonzalo Menoyo, Dan Welton, Anthony Pappa, Sasha Klein, The Rejekts, Paolo Bartolomeo, Pd Roke, Victor Soriano,Dj Simi, Dani Rivera, Dan dieugo, David Moreno,Oriol Mubu, Carlos Raw,Javier Almijo & many more…