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#PRO008: Audiogroove – Look at the stars

  • 04/09/2014
#PRO008: Audiogroove – Look at the stars

#PRO008: Audiogroove – Look at the stars.

Release date: 04/09/2014

The new proposal for this 2014 summer from Proposal Records is made by David Bayo aka Audiogroove, artist with some works  already released at Music zone & Keep it simple Records and now, for this 8th release has composed 3 original tracks focused in the tech-house rhythms, filtered bass grooves and snappy drums.

Supports by: David Herrero,Horatio,Danilo Vigorito,Denite,Mac K Cee,Marcel Jochmann,Marc Antonio,David Moreno (Ibiza Global),Dan Dieugo,Jp Chronic,Berto Mene,,Dan Welton,Marco Nastik, The Rejekts,Paolo Bartolomeo,American Dj,Pd Roke,Dj Spicule,Victor Soriano,Mark Antonio, 3friends,Alex Mas,Javier Alemany,Justin Steel, Oscar Gs, Carlos Raw, Javier ALmijo & many more...