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#PRO032: Aree – Imperatia

  • 18/10/2016
  • #PRO032: Aree – Imperatia
  • #PRO032: Aree – Imperatia

Release date: 11/10/2016
Label: Proposal
Catalog #: PRO032

For this 32th release we¬°re proud to present Aree, the new aka of Youre, recognized artist based in Italy with several works in the last years. His new project is born from the need of take a new step in his musical career, focused on his personal sound and musical evolution, for sure, to offer tons of melancholic armonies. The EP is composed by 2 original works by Aree, Imperatia, the main title that gives the name to the release is more focused in the electronic sounds, with warm and melancholic atmospheres, while Essentia maintains his characteristic sound, but with rhytmic and dynamic grooves, with a deeper touch. The release is completed by the Imperatia remix of the spanish artist Nacho Portichuelo, faithfull to his style, playing along with the synths but adding more agressive sounds, driving to techno the original track.